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Making A Home Your Family Will Love

Window Solutions: How To Minimize Bright Light In Your Home

by Alice Howard

If too much hot sunlight enters your home during the day, you may use dark curtains to minimize the heat and light in your home. But if curtains fail to keep excessive amounts of light and heat out of your home, you need a more effective solution for your problem. You can minimize the bright light and heat in your home with the right window solutions. Learn how to minimize the sunlight in your home below.

Cover Your Windows With Dark Film

Although you can find a large selection of blackout curtains and other sunlight-reducing window treatments on the market, the products may not work for everyone. Some curtains can darken your home too much, while other curtains may not the reduce sunlight and heat in your home at all. You can reduce or minimize sunlight and heat in your home with window film.

Window film, or window tint, isn't just for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Homeowners can also use window film to make their homes feel more comfortable during the year. Window film comes in a wide variety of materials and styles, including vinyl, translucent, opaque, and decorative ceramic. The materials can block excessive amounts of hot sunlight from entering your home during the daylight hours. Some materials come with special protectants that minimize the harmful effects of  UV (ultraviolet) light. 

If you choose to cover your windows with window film, contact a window film and glass service company soon. A company's contractors can place film on every window in your home that requires it.

If window film isn't for you, consider replacing your windows. Your windows may be the reason so much sunlight and heat enter your home.

Install New Windows

The wrong window glass can allow excessive amounts of heat and light to penetrate your home over time. The glass may lack the protection it needs to minimize the negative effects of heat and sunlight, such as glaze and UV-blocking additives. If you replace your current window glass with glass that contains protective ingredients in them, you may be able to reduce the light and heat in your home.

You'll need to reach out to a window film and glass service company for the windows you need. A company can remove your old window glass and insert new glass in its place. You can choose low-E glass, laminated glass, or insulated glass for your home. Each type of glass provides its own unique benefits.

For example, low-E glass contains ingredients that minimize heat gain and loss in the home throughout the year. The glass also protects your home's occupants from the glaring effects of the sun. You can install the glass throughout your home if you need to do so.

If you need assistance reducing the light and heat in your home or to explore this topic, consult a window film and glass company today.