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Making A Home Your Family Will Love

Enclosure Screen Repairs To Keep Your Pool Areas Safe And Clean

by Alice Howard

If you have invested in a pool screen enclosure, sometimes the screen materials can be damaged. They are essential to help keep the pool area safe and clean during the summer months. Therefore, you might need to have damaged pool screens repaired. The following enclosure screen repairs will keep your pool areas safe and clean during this summer:

Repairing Structural Damage to the Enclosure Frame

If the damage to your screen enclosure was caused by a storm or debris like tree branches, there might be damage to the structural framework. Luckily, most contractors that repair pool enclosure screens can also repair the metal frame. They will inspect all the components and replace any metal framework that has been damaged before replacing screens. The repair service can also improve the enclosure frame in areas where it is more vulnerable to damage. These improvements can include adding bracing or panels in areas where screens constantly get torn.

Repairing Screen Door Entrances

Another area of your screened pool enclosure that might need to be repaired is the entrance. Since the doors of screen enclosures have hardware like hinges and door handles, these are areas that often need to be repaired. This is because these are often high-traffic areas where the enclosure structure receives the most abuse. There may also be damage to the screen materials on and around these entrance doors.

Dealing With Minor Tears in Screen Materials

Sometimes, the damage to screen enclosures that needs to be repaired is just minor tears. These are often tears where more severe damage starts and spreads to other areas of the enclosures. Therefore, you want to routinely inspect the screens of your enclosure for tears and have these problems repaired before they get worse.

Rescreening Your Entire Pool Enclosure

The screens of your pool enclosure can also degrade over time, which can lead to problems with damage like tears occurring constantly. Therefore, it might be time to completely rescreen your pool enclosure. Today, there are more options for the type of materials that can be used to rescreen your pool. These materials can be more durable and feature elements like integrated protection from UV radiation.

The problems with pool enclosure screens can leave water exposed to debris and problems. Contact a company that offers pool enclosure screen repair services in your area for help dealing with these issues to keep your pool area safe and clean.