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Making A Home Your Family Will Love

4 Tips To Help Deal With Contemporary Flat Roof Designs For Homes And Dealing With Drainage Problems

by Alice Howard

Modern contemporary homes often have flat roofs, which may include usable space. These areas can also be the source of drainage problems and need repairs. Creating sloped areas and installing drains are some of the ways that you can deal with water on your roof. You are also going to need to do regular maintenance to ensure there are not any problems that could lead to leaks. The following tips will help you deal with contemporary designs and problems with drainage on flat roofs.

Install a Layered Roof Membrane System That Is Less Likely to Leak

Modern rubber-like membrane products are the best choice of materials to install on flat roofs. These materials can also be installed in various layers, which can help improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce problems with leaks. If you want a greener design and more of a thermal barrier, talk to a roofing contractor about options for installing a foam layer beneath the roofing membrane.

Make Sure That Your Roof Has a Slight Slope That Allows Water to Drain Off

It is also important that your roof has a slight slope that allows water to drain off the structure or to areas that have the appropriate drainage system installed. If your roof is flat or has settled in certain areas, consider options like spray foam and roof coatings to improve the slope and allow runoff to drain off the structure or into drain systems.

Install Roof Drain Systems in Areas of Your Roof That Are Prone to Puddling Problems

There are some cases where the water cannot flow directly off the structure and drains are needed. There are many types of versatile roof drains that can be installed on flat roofs, but you want to make sure to use one that can handle the water capacity of runoff coming from your roof. In addition, make sure that you install a roof drain with a good grate on it to prevent debris from getting in drainage lines and clogging up the roof drainage system.

Keep Roofing and Drain Grates Free of Debris to Prevent Wear That Can Cause Leaks

Lastly, maintenance of flat roofs is important to prevent wear and leaks that can cause damage to your home. Routinely inspect the roof for problems like membrane seams coming loose and punctures that need to be patched. In addition, regularly clean debris off the roof and from around the grates to ensure water can drain off your roof.

These are some tips that will help you deal with problems with flat roofs and drainage on your contemporary home. If you need to install systems to keep the water off your roof, contact a vendor of versatile roof drains to get the systems you need better drainage.

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