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Making A Home Your Family Will Love

Decorative Stone For Your Yard: How To Order It And What It Will Cover

by Alice Howard

Decorative stone quarried from within your state produces lots of rock you can use in your landscaping. Various colors of rock and types are available. They may be for sale direct from the quarry, too. If you choose to purchase your decorative stone from a quarry, they sell it by the ton or fractional ton. If you are not sure how much you will need, the following info can act as a guide for your stone purchase. 

The Quarter Ton

A ton is typically two thousand pounds. A quarter ton, then, is about five hundred pounds. Five hundred pounds of stone shoveled into a decent layer over an area will cover about six to twelve feet in length, and three to ten feet in width. It just all depends on the length and width you are trying to cover. For example, if you want to place decorative rock over a flower bed that is three feet wide by twelve feet long, the quarter ton will cover that, plus a little extra. 

The Half Ton

Now you have a thousand pounds of rock. To get an idea of the area this will cover, think of a short driveway of about twenty-five feet long and eight feet wide. The half ton will cover most of this area, if not all of it. If you are using the half ton of rock that you purchased for landscaping around your home's foundation, and you have a small home, the half ton should work just fine. 

The Full Ton

Two thousand pounds of rock will be dumped in your yard where you ask the delivery person to dump it. It creates a mound of rock that is about four to six feet high, depending on how controlled the dump is. It is enough rock to cover a long driveway, go around your above-ground swimming pool, and have a little left over, although a lot of customers tend to just spread the extra in an additional layer over the driveway. If you use it just for flower beds and around bushes/shrubs, you may have plenty left over (unless you have a very large house with a lot of square footage around your foundation to cover). 

The More You Buy, the Cheaper It Gets

With the exception of pre-bagged decorative quarry stone, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Bagging it increases the cost because it requires specially-made bags and people laboring to fill the bags. A delivery fee is charged for loose rock, but the price drops on the amount of rock when you purchase more because then the delivery driver does not have to make additional deliveries to you or use up a lot of gas delivering lesser amounts. 

For more information, contact a stone quarry in your area.