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Making A Home Your Family Will Love

Mistakes to Avoid When Sowing Wildflower Seeds in Your Yard

by Alice Howard

If you have decided that you wish to grow plots of wildflowers in your yard, you may believe that you only need to scatter them and let nature take care of the rest. However, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid when sowing your wildflower seeds if you want the greatest chance for success.

Sowing the Seeds on Untilled Soil

When it comes time to sow your wildflowers seeds, you may think you can simply start throwing them in an area of grass without doing anything special to the soil. After all, wildflowers are used to growing up between grass and weeds, so they shouldn't have any problems, right?

However, in the wild, for every flower that springs up on unprepared soil, many more never sprout. Since you are planning an area in your yard for the purpose of growing the wildflowers, you need to get rid of the grass and weeds, as well as till the soil, if you want to give you seeds a better chance at taking root.

Also, if you simply throw the seeds on the ground, the birds will be thankful for a meal while the seeds will never have a chance to germinate. After tilling the soil and sowing your seeds, you also need to make sure you cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil, followed by a good soaking of water to carry them further into the ground.

Using Fertilizer on the Seeds

After you have sown your seeds and made sure they are covered and water, you may think that you can give them an extra boost by giving them some fertilizer. After all, extra nutrients mean healthier flowers, right?

While it is true that fertilizer will put extra nutrients into the soil, it will more than likely feed the grass and weed seeds rather than the wildflowers. As a result, you would have very healthy grass and weeds while the wildflowers are struggling to push through.

If the soil in your area is severely depleted of nutrients, there is an alternative to chemical fertilizers that can enrich the soil for the wildflowers while decreasing the amount of grass and weeds. Instead of fertilizer, spread shredded mulch over the plot.

As the mulch breaks down, the nutrients will soak into the soil. And, it will also provide cover for your seeds that discourages weed growth and protects the seeds from birds.

Avoiding the above mistakes when sowing wildflowers seeds can increase your chances of having them germinate and produce a beautiful, colorful array of flowers. For more tips about growing and maintaining your wildflowers, consult the site where you purchased your wildflower seed packets online.