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When it comes to creating a gorgeous interior space, your home will only be as beautiful as your family allows it to be. If your children don't respect the space, your home will quickly fall back into disrepair, which is why I started focusing more and more on home and garden a few years ago. I was committed to creating a great space that was just as clean and gorgeous as it was functional, and I was really surprised to see how much of a difference my efforts made. Within a few short years, my place really seemed a lot more open, airy, and inviting. Check out this blog for great ideas on making a family-oriented home.



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Making A Home Your Family Will Love

Tips For Choosing A New Dining Set For A Small Room

by Alice Howard

The dining room table is an important part of your house. It's where you entertain guests and gather for family discussions during dinner. It's where you host holiday meals that make lifetime memories. If you have a small dining room or if the dining room table needs to share space with the living room, then you'll be challenged when you go shopping at a furniture store. Here are a few tips for buying a dining room table when you don't have much space for one.

Measure The Space Before You Go Shopping

You'll find so many different dining room sets in a furniture store that you don't want to risk falling in love with one only to find out later it is too large. Instead, measure the space in the room carefully. Start at the wall if the wall is clear, but if there is a buffet or cabinet on the wall, start your measurements from those pieces of furniture. If you have some newspapers around the house, you can even place the newspapers on the floor in a space that is the dimensions of the size table you're considering. This gives you a visual guide for how much space the table will take up in the room.

Consider A Round Table

Round tables are ideal for tight spaces because they are easy to walk around. You can buy a round table with an extension leaf or that folds out so you can enlarge it for special occasions and then close it for regular dining. Large round tables can make it difficult for your family to reach food, but if you're buying a small table, that shouldn't be a problem. If you don't like round dining tables, then consider one that is rectangular so the narrow side can be positioned to take up less space in the room.

Think About Bench Seating

The table isn't the only thing that takes up a room. Even when the chairs are pushed in, they add to the amount of space needed for the dining set. You can make the space look less crowded and add a little more space by using bench seating rather than individual chairs. As long as the benches can slide underneath the table when they're not in use, they will take up much less space than chairs. If you prefer chairs, then think about buying lightweight, narrow chairs that don't take up as much room as solid wood chairs with arms. When measuring space for the table, don't forget to add a few extra feet on each side to have room to slide chairs in and out.

By shopping for your dining set at a furniture store with a large section, you'll get ideas on what works best for your home. You want a dining set you love based on appearance, but you also want one that is easy to use and that doesn't overcrowd the space.

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