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Making A Home Your Family Will Love

Steps For Getting Comfortable When Using A Standing Desk

by Alice Howard

If you spend long stretches of time sitting at your desk, you should be concerned about the health repercussions of doing so. Remaining sitting for much of the workday can lead to back pain and a host of other health issues that you don't want to deal with. A simple solution is to invest in an adjustable height desk that will allow you to stand for a portion of the workday. Standing instead of sitting throughout the day can understandably require a bit of an adjustment, so there are some steps that you can follow to help you get comfortable with this new setup.

Alternate Between Sitting And Standing

Instead of attempting to stand for the entirety of the workday, it's better to take baby steps. A simple way to get comfortable with your new desk arrangement is to alternate between sitting and standing. Provided that you invest in an adjustable height desk that can range from low to your desk to high above it, you should be able to sit for a stretch of the day and continue to work as normal. Then, you can raise the desk to the standing height and stand for a period of time. When your legs get tired, simply lower the desk back down. Continue this pattern until you're comfortable standing for long periods.

Walk When You Need To

In an effort to keep your legs from getting stiff as you stand at your desk, don't hesitate to take a short walk at regular intervals. Doing so can get the blood in your legs moving and loosen up the muscles, which can provide you with more comfort than staying in a standing position at the desk. You can either take a walk around the office when the need suits you, or set the timer on your smartphone to ring at set intervals — for example, every 30 minutes.

Wear The Right Shoes

You don't want to stand for much of the workday at your adjustable height desk if you wear improper footwear. If you dress on the formal side for work — perhaps wearing high-heeled shoes or dress loafers — standing for extended periods of time can leave your feet, ankles, and legs sore. Instead, keep a comfortable pair of running shoes stashed in or under your desk. When you arrive at work in the morning, simply change your shoes to keep comfortable as you stand.

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