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Making A Home Your Family Will Love

Protection And Care For Exterior Stone Countertops

by Alice Howard

Exterior living spaces affordably increase the amount of square footage available for entertaining, but they also increase the chores that need to be completed around the home. The constant exposure to outside elements requires homeowners to wipe down and maintain their outdoor kitchens regularly even if they have not been in use for weeks. This is true for furnishings and appliances, but also for the stone counter tops to protect the material and keep it looking beautiful for countless summers. 

Cleaning With Use

Wipe all counters down before and after use. Dust and debris will settle on the counters because they are not protected like an interior kitchen. It is unlikely that guests will want their barbecue mixed with pollen and dust. Wash the counters thoroughly after use to clear away crumbs that could lead to stains. Use only dish soap and water with a soft cloth and avoid harsh cleaning materials that contain acid, scouring powders, or pads. 

Tackling Tough Stains

The easiest way to prevent stains from food, drinks or environmental messes is to thoroughly seal the counter tops after installation. Natural and manufactured stone is porous and difficult to keep stain-free when not properly sealed. Even UV rays from the sun could damage an unsealed counter. Seal after installation and approximately every 3 to 5 years afterward. Covering the counters in the winter or when they are not in use will help to extend the life of the sealant.  

Managing Deep Cleaning

If a stain does occur use a gentle poultice directly on the stained area. Mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda into a paste and apply to the stain. Allow it to sit for several hours before washing away. This should only be done when the stain is severe and settled into the stone. A poultice may compromise the sealant and require it to be reapplied. Another deep cleaning tip is power washing. This should be done once a year to remove debris like tree sap and dirt that has settled into crevices. It is possible to damage the stone with a power washer so only someone with experience should perform this chore. 

Many stone counter tops come with 30-year warranties and will last even longer without any problems. It is very easy to keep them looking like new throughout this period of time by cleaning them properly, covering them when they are not in use and reapplying sealers as recommended. Companies like Artisan Granite & Marble can help you with more information.