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Making A Home Your Family Will Love

How To Decide If Glass Or Iron Ornamental Fencing Is The Best Option

by Alice Howard

Ornamental railings are used for both safety and aesthetic reasons. There are many options to choose from but the materials that draw the most interest are glass railing systems and iron ornamental railings. Here are three examples of when a glass fence is the most flattering and beautiful option available and three occasions when ornamental iron rails may be a better choice. 

When to Use Glass Railing Systems

Reason #1. Use glass when an unimpeded view is desired. 

An unimpeded view makes it easy for people behind the fence to enjoy the scenery. It is also useful for pool owners that want to be able to consistently monitor who is near the water. Glass panels are the best resource when visibility is wanted but securing the area is also necessary.  

Reason #2. Use glass when the fenced-in area needs to remain bright. 

Glass panels make it easy to keep some light, even in very shaded yards that sometimes becomes too dark when a fence is installed. Glass railing systems are perfect for exterior stairwells that are a slip and fall hazard because they do not have access to adequate light. A traditional railing will block light even more but a glass system will let in sunlight and streetlights. 

Reason #3. Stop erosion and damage from constant winds. 

Solid glass panel provides a very effective barrier against gusty winds. Upper-level patios or homes situated on hillsides will find a lot of relief when this type of fence is installed. It can protect landscaping and personal property as well as make the area more enjoyable entertainment area. 

When to Use Iron Ornamental Railings Instead of Glass

Reason #1. When the area has a lot of bird traffic. 

Consider the local bird population and their ability to see the glass fence panels. This is especially true for patios and rooftop fencing systems. Glass panels could cost lives and create a mess for the property owner. 

Reason #2. Use iron rails if cleaning the fence is a problem. 

There is more effort required to keep a glass fence clean than an iron rail fence. Most ground-level fences require a rag and glass cleaner and a few minutes of work. This is probably not a deal-breaker for anyone. However, if one side of the fence is on a steep slope or requires a ladder to clean, it may be something to reconsider. 

Reason #3. Avoid glass when the budget is a little tight. 

Glass panel fences are one of the top fencing materials because of their beauty and durability but they are not the cheapest option available. Glass fence panels are costly, they almost always require professional installation and they need more maintenance than some other fencing types. Some added features like etching or frosting may also be needed to prevent glare and reflections and this will further increase the cost.