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When it comes to creating a gorgeous interior space, your home will only be as beautiful as your family allows it to be. If your children don't respect the space, your home will quickly fall back into disrepair, which is why I started focusing more and more on home and garden a few years ago. I was committed to creating a great space that was just as clean and gorgeous as it was functional, and I was really surprised to see how much of a difference my efforts made. Within a few short years, my place really seemed a lot more open, airy, and inviting. Check out this blog for great ideas on making a family-oriented home.


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Making A Home Your Family Will Love

4 Tips That Will Ensure That Your Rain Gutters Work As Effectively As Possible

by Alice Howard

When having new rain gutters installed at your business, here are a few tips to ensure that they work as effectively as possible and stand the test of time.

#1 Reduce The Number Of Welds

In order to ensure that your gutters work as effectively as possible, you are going to want to reduce the number of welds within your gutter system. Welds are the most vulnerable part of your gutter, and where failure is most likely to happen. By reducing the number of welds on your gutter, you reduce the number of vulnerable spots and increase the long-term strength of your rain gutter system.

Ideally, you should use seamless gutters, so this will present the least number of welds and connections in your gutter system. Seamless or continuous rain gutters will provide you with the strength that you need your gutters to have.

#2 Put The Gutters Under The Edge

A large part of your rain gutters working properly has to do with proper installation. You are going to want to put your gutters a couple of inches under the edge of your roof. This will help catch the water that runs down your roof and is pulled back to the underside or eaves of your roof. This is the best way to ensure that you catch all of the water in your gutters.

#3 Put In A Drip Edge

You should also make sure that a drip edge is installed with your gutter system. A drip edge will help direct the water to your gutters and ensure that as little water as possible is pulled back to the underside of the eaves on your roof. This will protect and keep water from getting into your siding on your building and causing additional damage.

#4 Keep Hangers Close Together

When installing the gutters, make sure that lots of hangers are used. You want the hangers placed relatively close together. Placing the hangers close together will provide your business's new gutter system with the support that it needs to stay attached and handle a heavy load of water. If you skimp on hangers, your gutters will sag and will not work effectively. Save your gutters and your business by using more hangers instead of less hangers when installing your gutters. 

When you install gutters at your business location, make sure that you use seamless or continuous gutters, place them a few inches under the eaves, install a drip edge and use as many hangers as possible. This will ensure the strength and longevity of your gutter system. If you are interested in learning more about gutters, check it out here.